Solar Powered Sliding Gate Solutions

At ADF we only use Ditec Solar Powered Gate modules for one reason, they work.

Our Supplier has developed a simple sliding gate and barrier kit to run the complete range of Ditec ION-NEOS sliding gate actuators and QIK automatic barriers .The Control panel comes in a solid polycarbonate cabinet and is IP56 rated. QIK and ION,NEOS systems can be easily be connected to he controller. The Fangpusun MPPT controller is very efficient in converting solar energy into the batteries. The LED readout indicates charge status via blinking LEDs. Deep Cycle 20amp/hour batteries provide enough back-up to last many days without sun.

Systems are recommended up to 30-45 cycles per day depending on seasonal and environmental conditions.

Simple parts selection


  • 1x Complete pre-wired cabinet with Solar Controller.
  • High Quality 20 amp/hr Deep Cycle Batteries.

SOLARPOLE (optional)

  • 1x Aluminium Pole Mount designed for mounting Solar Panels to a pole 65-80mm.
  • Pole not included.


  • 2x 30W Solar panel. 24volt
  • 30W, 12V poly-crystalline solar panel.


  • 2x 55W Solar panel. 24volt
  • 55W, 12V poly-crystalline solar panel.

Easy install kits

  • Solar Panels available in 30 and 55 watt.
  • Pole Top Mount.
  • Made for Poles 65-80mm.